Our standard sizes, in width, are 12’, 16’ and 24’. The length of the greenhouse is available in increments of 4’, starting at the measurement of the chosen width (i.e. the available length of the 16’ wide greenhouse starts at 16’ long, and then available in length of 20’, 24’, 28’ and 32’).


The 12’ wide model is ideal for backyard gardening. Light deprivation systems, roll-up walls and vents are available for this model.


The 16’ wide model is ideal for homesteading and extensive backyard gardening. Light deprivation systems, roll-up walls, vents and exhaust systems are available for this model.


The 24’ wide model is ideal for market gardening and commercial farming. Light deprivation systems and all ventilation options are available for this model.


We offer four different options to use as a covering for your greenhouse, ranging from a standard soft plastic to a rigid twin-walled polycarbonate.

This plastic is the most affordable and popular of the greenhouse coverings that we offer. This covering allows for optimal sunlight exposure while diffusing light to prevent leaf burn. Its anti-condensation abilities allow the condensation to roll down the sheets and drip off where the poly meets the ground.

This 11-mil poly-weave offers extreme durability and optimum light transmission. Its density, thickness and cross-weave make it puncture resistant while its ultraviolent stabilizer renders it weather resistant. It is a translucent plastic, diffusing light evenly and illuminating plants from all directions.

This rigid dual-walled covering provides a high insulation value while being lightweight and durable. Twin-wall provides 85% of the light transmission of single glass, while its light-diffusing qualities prevents leaf burn. The insulating effect of the double wall prevents the formation of excessive condensation, lessening overhead dripping.

The SolaWrap™ greenhouse covering is a unique, durable greenhouse plastic that utilizes impact-resistant air bubbles and features an R-Value of 1.7. With 83% light transparency, the SolaWrap™ is a lightweight, flexible material that can be rolled up into sidewall curtains.


Our vents and exhaust fans are available in a variety of sizes to facilitate customizing a ventilation system that is best suited for your greenhouse. Placing vents in the greenhouse create cross-ventilation and ensures that your plants receive a consistent, fresh supply of carbon dioxide. Solar openers are available for the vents and allow them to automatically open and close when necessary. An exhaust fan is an important way to help decrease the temperature and improve overall success in your greenhouse. Thermostats and humidistats are an available additive to an exhaust fan to regulate temperature and humidity when the greenhouse is unattended.


Our light deprivation systems uses 11 mil black and sliver woven polyethylene plastic which is rolled up and down using mechanically assisted cranks. This system can be automatized and motorized with timers to maintain a light deprivation schedule when the greenhouse is unattended.